Keyboard shortcuts and snippets

This page presents the list of shortcuts and snippets in the template GUI. You can also display them in the console by pressing F1.

List of keyboard shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Clustering
- first                                    home
- label                                    l
- last                                     end
- merge                                    g
- move_all_to_good                         ctrl+alt+g
- move_all_to_mua                          ctrl+alt+m
- move_all_to_noise                        ctrl+alt+n
- move_all_to_unsorted                     ctrl+alt+u
- move_best_to_good                        alt+g
- move_best_to_mua                         alt+m
- move_best_to_noise                       alt+n
- move_best_to_unsorted                    alt+u
- move_similar_to_good                     ctrl+g
- move_similar_to_mua                      ctrl+m
- move_similar_to_noise                    ctrl+n
- move_similar_to_unsorted                 ctrl+u
- next                                     space
- next_best                                down
- previous                                 shift+space
- previous_best                            up
- redo                                     ctrl+shift+z, ctrl+y
- reset                                    ctrl+alt+space
- split                                    k
- undo                                     ctrl+z
- unselect_similar                         backspace

Snippets for Clustering
- filter                                   :f
- label                                    :l
- merge                                    :g
- select                                   :c
- sort                                     :s
- split                                    :k

Keyboard shortcuts for BaseController
- switch_raw_data_filter                   alt+r
- toggle_spike_reorder                     ctrl+r

Snippets for BaseController

Keyboard shortcuts for GUI
- about                                    ?
- enable_snippet_mode                      :
- exit                                     ctrl+q
- save                                     ctrl+s
- show_all_shortcuts                       h

Snippets for GUI

Keyboard shortcuts for AmplitudeView
- change_marker_size                       ctrl+wheel
- next_amplitudes_type                     a
- previous_amplitudes_type                 shift+a
- select_time                              alt+click
- select_x_dim                             shift+left click
- select_y_dim                             shift+right click

Snippets for AmplitudeView

Keyboard shortcuts for CorrelogramView
- change_window_size                       ctrl+wheel

Snippets for CorrelogramView
- set_bin                                  :cb
- set_refractory_period                    :cr
- set_window                               :cw

Keyboard shortcuts for FeatureView
- add_lasso_point                          ctrl+click
- change_marker_size                       ctrl+wheel
- decrease                                 ctrl+-
- increase                                 ctrl++
- stop_lasso                               ctrl+right click
- toggle_automatic_channel_selection       c

Snippets for FeatureView

Keyboard shortcuts for FiringRateView
- change_window_size                       ctrl+wheel

Snippets for FiringRateView
- set_bin_size (s)                         :frb
- set_n_bins                               :frn
- set_x_max (s)                            :frmax
- set_x_min (s)                            :frmin

Keyboard shortcuts for HistogramView
- change_window_size                       ctrl+wheel

Snippets for HistogramView
- set_bin_size (s)                         :hb
- set_n_bins                               :hn
- set_x_max (s)                            :hmax
- set_x_min (s)                            :hmin

Keyboard shortcuts for ISIView
- change_window_size                       ctrl+wheel

Snippets for ISIView
- set_bin_size (ms)                        :isib
- set_n_bins                               :isin
- set_x_max (ms)                           :isimax
- set_x_min (ms)                           :isimin

Keyboard shortcuts for ProbeView

Snippets for ProbeView

Keyboard shortcuts for RasterView
- change_marker_size                       ctrl+wheel
- decrease_marker_size                     ctrl+shift+-
- increase_marker_size                     ctrl+shift++
- select_cluster                           ctrl+click

Snippets for RasterView

Keyboard shortcuts for ScatterView
- change_marker_size                       ctrl+wheel

Snippets for ScatterView

Keyboard shortcuts for TemplateView
- change_template_size                     ctrl+wheel
- decrease                                 ctrl+alt+-
- increase                                 ctrl+alt++
- select_cluster                           ctrl+click

Snippets for TemplateView

Keyboard shortcuts for TraceView
- change_trace_size                        ctrl+wheel
- decrease                                 alt+down
- go_left                                  alt+left
- go_right                                 alt+right
- go_to                                    alt+t
- go_to_end                                alt+end
- go_to_next_spike                         alt+pgdown
- go_to_previous_spike                     alt+pgup
- go_to_start                              alt+home
- increase                                 alt+up
- jump_left                                shift+alt+left
- jump_right                               shift+alt+right
- narrow                                   alt++
- select_channel_pcA                       shift+left click
- select_channel_pcB                       shift+right click
- select_spike                             ctrl+click
- switch_origin                            alt+o
- toggle_highlighted_spikes                alt+s
- toggle_show_labels                       alt+l
- widen                                    alt+-

Snippets for TraceView
- go_to                                    :tg
- shift                                    :ts

Keyboard shortcuts for WaveformView
- change_box_size                          ctrl+wheel
- decrease                                 ctrl+down
- extend_horizontally                      shift+right
- extend_vertically                        shift+up
- increase                                 ctrl+up
- narrow                                   ctrl+left
- next_waveforms_type                      w
- previous_waveforms_type                  shift+w
- shrink_horizontally                      shift+left
- shrink_vertically                        shift+down
- toggle_mean_waveforms                    m
- toggle_show_labels                       ctrl+l
- toggle_waveform_overlap                  o
- widen                                    ctrl+right

Snippets for WaveformView
- change_n_spikes_waveforms                :wn

List of snippets

Complex actions cannot be easily bound to a keyboard shortcut as they may require parameters. For these, you can use keyboard snippets. Snippets are activated by first pressing the : key, typing the snippet name followed by some parameters, and pressing Enter.

For example, to change the window size in the Correlogram View (:cw snippet as shown in the list below):

  1. Activate the snippet mode by typing : on the keyboard. You can see the snippet bar at the bottom of the GUI.
  2. Type cw 200 to change the window to 200 ms.
  3. Press Enter.

To cancel, press Escape to leave the snippet mode.


All snippets

Snippets for Selection
- select                                   :c

Snippets for Clustering
- filter                                   :f
- label                                    :l
- merge                                    :g
- select                                   :c
- split                                    :k
- sort                                     :s
- sort by xyz                              :sxy
- color field xyz                          :cfxy
- colormap xyz                             :cmxy


  • For colormaps and sorting in the cluster view, xy in the snippets refer to the first two alphabetical characters of the column/field/name. For example, to quickly sort by number of spikes, use the snippet :sns. Sorting is in decreasing order when using this snippet.
  • For classes deriving from HistogramView, use the alias_char = 'X' property to automatically define snippets Xn, Xmin, Xmax to change the number of bins and the histogram range.