Configuration and plugin system

phy uses part of the traitlets package for its config system. This is still a work in progress.

Configuration file

The configuration file is a Python file stored at ~/.phy/ It should always begin with c = get_config() with no import (this function is automatically injected in the namespace by the config system).

Then, you can set configuration options as follows:

c.SomeClass.some_param = some_value

Plugin system

A plugin is a Python class deriving from phy.IPlugin. To ensure that phy knows about your plugin, just make sure that your class is imported in the Python namespace.

Here are two common methods:

  • Implement your plugin in a Python file and put this file in ~/.phy/plugins/: it will be automatically discovered by phy.
  • Edit c.Plugins.dirs = ['/path/to/folder'] in your file: all Python scripts there will be automatically imported.

Here is a minimal plugin template:

from phy import IPlugin

class MyPlugin(IPlugin):